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  • Curriculum Guides

  • Unit Plans

  • Northern Lifestyles Information

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Curriculum Guides

Unit Plans

The following units were graciously shared by teachers to help support other teachers in their unit planning endeavors.

Northern Lifestyles Information

Rental Standards
Northern Lifestyles Planning Charts

Teacher Resources

Askih Nih (On the Land) Project Thematic Unit Plans (2005)
The Askih Nih Pilot Project was developed by the Northern Lights School Division #113 to recognize and include activities in the school program that are directly connected to the land-based economies of the region, activities that have enabled northerners to thrive over the years.

2012-2013 Northern Lifestyles Activities


Winter Expedition
Eights students from Cumberland House on a new education adventure.

Web Resources

Allan Adam
Visit Allan’s web page to view land based culture videos.

Project WILD
Teachers, parents, and students praise this classic K-12 environmental education program used internationally. Project WILD instructors have taught thousands of Canadian students from kindergarten through high school — and more than 120,000 Canadian educators can't be wrong!

Project WET
Project WET is an international, interdisciplinary, water education program for formal and non-formal educators of kindergarten to grade 12 and beyond, intended to supplement a school’s existing curriculum.