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  • Treaty Education Outcomes and Indicators (2013)
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Treaty Education Outcomes and Indicators (2013)

Link here to view the 2013 Treaty Education Outcomes and Indicators

Web Resources

From Dream to Reality: The Story of Treaty Land Entitlement
Native Studies 20, Social Studies 30, Law 30
Explores how the outstanding land debts of Treaty Land Entitlement are being fulfilled.

Office of the Treaty Commissioner (OTC)
The OTC is committed to engaging in public information and public awareness programming to educate and advance good relations among all the peoples of Saskatchewan on Treaty issues.

Horizon Treaty Education Video
In spring of 2010, students from around Horizon School Division participated in a project to promote treaty education in Saskatchewan. This short video, produced in partnership with the First Nations University of Canada, highlights the importance of the treaties for all Canadians.

Treaties and the Law**
Social Studies 6-12, Law 30
Treaties and the Law supports teachers of all disciplines looking to implement treaty education in their classroom.